Teaching Directions with Ichiro Suzuki

Check out the instructional video on how to use this presentation then download the powerpoints below.


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Ichiros Bad Day – Powerpoint Presentation

Ichiros Bad Day – Shortened for reviewing the slideshow

Script for the first part of the presentation

UPDATE: Activity for after the presentation:

Partner Activity

This is a pair-work activity for consolidating the lesson. Students work together to write an original skit based off of the phrases learned in this lesson. After preparing the skit, students can memorize it and perform it in front of the ALT and JTE for a reward. Students have the choice of three preset locations, or they can create an original location for themselves.

UPDATE: Extra Tips for making this lesson succesful:

  • When teaching students the directions (‘go down this street’, etc.) encourage the students to use gestures. With the gestures and animation it is possible to teach this entire presentation with little reference to Japanese!!
  • Before students are asked to give Ichiro the directions to the stadium, give them 5 or 7 minutes to try to memorize the phrases on the screen. While they are memorizing the phrases, walk around and check on their progress. After the time is up get a few students to stand up and give the directions to Ichiro before the class gives the instructions together.


  1. Nice one! It’s super interactive. I think a lot of teachers get lost in presenting powerpoints in that they begin lecturing with pictures… which is really no different than simply using a chalkboard and holding big cards. I like that you have a script with appropriate animations and that you’ve thought about everything you say. To make it even more interactive, I’d include a worksheet that students can write on and I’d also ask simple questions not even related to the target language- like: “What team does Ichiro play for? How’s the weather this day? How many streets do you see?… etc” Asking questions that are not related to the target language can pull the audience in, raise confidence by allowing them to use language they already know, and show them that they can follow along even when they miss the target language at their first impression. Thanks for the materials!

    • Thanks for checking out the poweroint. I’m happy to hear you liked it. You made a bunch of good points. I actually had a chance to present this lesson today and found that even though most of the students were enjoying it I definitely could have gotten more attention and feedback had I made an effort to ask questions not related to the target sentences, as you say. I’ll try that next time. I’d also like to try out a worksheet like you recommend. Do you have any examples of worksheets you’ve used while making presentations like these? I’d be keen to see it.

  2. Hi Elliott. I am so glad I found ALT-JTE Connect. It really is a veryy well presented website with excellent content presented clearly. I am very keen to try this Ichiro’s BAd Day lesson but I have one small problem. While I could do the lesson as is, Ichiro now plays for the yankees and I would like to present the material updated. I understand that you have protected the document as it is your property, so I can’t change it. Is there any way around this? I would greatly appreciate being able to present this to my students updated.
    Thank you and kind regards.

    • Wow, thank you for the warm comments, Liz! You inspire me to keep the site going!

      When I heard the news about Ichiro’s move I totally forgot it would have an impact on my teaching material! Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I will post updated versions of the powerpoint on the main page sometime next week.

      In the meantime, I will send you an editable version of the powerpoint since it will be faster and you can make further improvements to the presentation.

      I wish you the best of luck on your lesson. It is still one of my favorites. And please check back and let me know how it turns out!

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