A Smooth Class Greeting

This is a small tip I learned today from a JTE I work with. During the class greeting at the beginning and end of his classes, this JTE always allows  his students to remain sitting in their seats. Since this is a departure from how most other English classes are run, I asked him to tell me why he did it that way. These are his reasons:

“The first merit,” he said, “is that it saves time. In English classes, time is precious so even 30 seconds counts.” The second reason comes from an observation he made. “When I worked for 3 years at another school I noticed that students would only grudgingly get out of their seats for the beginning and ending greetings. I could tell by their faces that they felt like they were being forced to do something they didn’t necessarily want to do. So I decided to allow them to always remain sitting during these times.”

He believes that if the students feel annoyed about having to get out of their chairs, that this unpleasantness not only carries over into their greeting, but also through the rest of class. By allowing the students to stay seated, he thinks he can evoke a more natural (and usually friendlier) response from students. Then he is able to jump straight into the lesson without any interruption.

I think it is a great trick and I’ve seen it work wonders on classes. So please try it out if you can.