English Debate

The other day the 3rd year students (JHS) staged debates in their classrooms. When doing these, the set-up and guidance and atmosphere you build in the class are key. So is the topic. It is fun to get creative because it can inspire students to perform. One idea that seemed to really galvanize students to try was debating “Whether or not we should study English in Japan.”

As the two sides presented their ideas, I took notes on the blackboard. These are the arguments that the students came up with.

The "Japanese Students Ought to Study English " Side

The "Japanese Students Don't Need to Study English" Side

I was impressed with the arguments that students were able to craft, especially on the “against side” — though I think their arguements don’t hold up as well as the “for side.”

This debate topic worked wonders with all the classes we tried it in. But please post any ideas you’ve tried in the comments section if you like.