Adjective Cheat Sheet

The Adjective Cheat Sheet

This is a card that I keep in my textbook to use with students on writing lesson days. It contains useful adjectives and how to conjugate them. With it, I can walk around the classroom and answer student questions about their essays without having to go through the hassle of flipping through the book to find the chart there. I can whip this card out instead.

This material actually comes from a table in the back of the New Horizon 2nd and 3rd year textbooks (JHS). The chart is very useful, so I like to see students using it when they are drafting original sentences.

I added a conjugation guide at the bottom there to prevent more hassle

To make the card, simply photocopy the page from the back of the book and attach it to some cardstock or construction paper. I added a conjugation guide to the card to make it more helpful. If possible, I think it would be great to find other charts like this to keep handy. If you have any ideas, let me know.

I got the table from the back of the textbook