Fake Hamburgers

Do you want fries with that?

These are some fake hamburgers and apple pies we made for teaching the “ordering at a restaurant” lesson from the first year New Horizon book. We set up a counter and the supplies and had the students act out original scene with these props. They could order what they wanted and the cashier had to give the right order total in dollars.

Using props is, admittedly, something I don’t get to do as often as I like because not every lesson is suited for it. But to make the classroom into a stage of sorts where students can act out a drama and truly think and feel the situation the language is being used in, is really where the English classroom ought to always be. If only students could think of the English classroom like this more often — and we teachers could give them the tools and motivation to make it so — I bet people could learn English a lot faster.

Believe it or not, small props like these can revolutionize an otherwise dull and mindless English lesson. Because when we are acting, the production of English probably gets as real to daily life as it can in a classroom.