And Now a Game

This game isn’t new, but it is fun and effective. This is the game I promised to talk about when I posted on “Expanded Review” on Monday.

Time: about 10 minutes or as long as you want

Level: any

Grammar point: Anything where there is a short dialogue. In this case the dialogue is “Here you are.”/”Thank you.”/”You’re welcome” (as when one person hands something to someone

Set-up and rules: Get the students into lunch groups. Assign a table leader for each group and give her or him a small paper cup filled with about 5 magnets or other small thing. Place another empty paper cup at the other end of the group. Tell the students that they have to get all the magnets into the cup at the other end of the lunch table, and to do so they need to pass each magnet to each person and say the dialogue.

In other words, the leader will hand the first magnet to the person next to him and say “here you are”. The partner will say “Thank you” and the leader will say “You’re welcome”. The partner will then do the same thing with the next person, and so on until the magnet reaches the other cup. When the magnet is in the other cup, the relay can begin again. The game ends when all the magnets have been properly passed from one end of the lunch group to the empty cup at the other end.


-Keep time and record the group’s time when they finish. The times can be used for comparison between groups and a group’s best time over the course of several weeks.

-Join a group and enjoy the game yourself.