Get Rid of the Ads

Today, advertising is everywhere. Just 12 years ago, media experts like Seth Godin reported “the average consumer sees about one million marketing messages a year–about 3,000 a day.” That number has probably doubled or even quadrupled today.

The budget of ALT-JTE Connect  is a whopping $0.00. I and the other contributors do all of this for free, as a hobby. I love writing and sharing ideas, so it is through a mix of passion and personal satisfaction that I started this site and keep it running.

Perhaps viewing this website you have noticed ads that occasionally appear. Actually, these are ads that WordPress, the company that hosts this site, delivers to make this site free for us to use. I’m assuming they use the advertising dollars they collect to run their servers and business. But in no way does that money come back to me or any of the other contributors.

I had resigned myself to accepting the advertisements as part of the free website I have worked on for the past year. However, I just learned of a wonderful detail about this system that I think you should know.

Logged in users don’t have to view any advertisements.

There are a number of people following this blog through email updates, and we get about 15-20 visitors a day.

If you, the reader, needed one more reason to join the site, I think this one is pretty good. Namely, if you join WordPress and log-in, you don’t have to see any of the advertisements.

In my daily life I try to limit my exposure to advertising as much as possible — as I think most people increasingly do. If we band together and create connected communities that find ways to avoid advertising, then we have re-created zones of tranquility and mental peace. Why don’t you join ALT-JTE Connect by clicking here and get rid of the ads, all for free.