Say Hello to Sunshine


I have my bad days too, but asking students, “How’s the weather?”  in a dull, sunken voice is a common mistake I’ve been trying to avoid recently.

I walk to the window and invite the students to look outside.

I say, “Hey! It’s a beautiful day!!! Look! You can see snow, mountains, trees, the sunshine!”

Then I ask “How’s the weather?”

I love it when the curtains are drawn.

I like to say, “I wonder how the weather is…Is it SUNNY? Is it raining CATS and DOGS?…” *My troll grin appears*

I whip open the shade and invite the students to look with me.

It’s great when the the sun is bright in the sky and pours into the room

Then I say, “Wow! It’s bright outside! How’s the weather everyone?”

If I’m gonna ask, “How’s the weather?” everyday, the least I can do is say hello to a little sunshine.

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