Talkers and Rockers

I’m on a mission to make my students communicative and conversational. What do I mean by that? I mean,

-they can ask and answer about 10 common questions
-they are engaged when someone is speaking to them (they have yarigai)
-they aren’t so easily embarrassed and they feel comfortable speaking (because we have given them practice and they know the patterns of communication)
-they can explain misunderstandings
-they can enjoy communication

Why is communicativeness the key? Because once students are communicative, they can practice anything new they learn immediately. Their motivation for learning is internal.

I know, revolutions are suspicious and this sounds like a revolution, right? I’m not ready to admit that because I don’t think this takes much to do. A communication class once a week, customized for the students. 5 minutes talking time here and there. Talking to students in the hallway.

I’m looking for small changes that will have a big impact.

I have a bet with myself that we can make this happen.

Every day is rush, every class an experiment.

Once we realize we don’t need students to know everything to have communication, these kids will start talking. Give them the time and the focused resources and we’ll have a bunch of talkers…Once they’re talkers they can become rockers*

*Rockers – students who rock at English