Why Communication Classes are a Revolution

We started communication classes at my school and it is nothing short of a revolution. Let me share with you the reasons why+

1) Students are learning to enjoy speaking English (and how to use it)

2) The dialogues and questions we use in class are based on common daily conversations. Once a conversation pattern has been learned, we teachers can have a conversation with any student who has learned it.

3) Students are gaining confidence and social skills

4) Students are smiling more and many are enjoying English class for the first time

5) Team teaching is balanced and fun. We do lesson planning together, review classes together. Each teacher has a meaningful role in shaping and executing the lesson.

For the students, it is wonderful.

For my JTEs it is fun and challenging.

For me, the ALT, it is thrilling and meaningful.

So, in other words, the experience has been 1,000% positive. I recommend the change to anyone willing to try.