Adapting to Change

Two major changes have occurred in Japan. One, the number of English classes every week has increased. Two, the Ministry of Education is recommending that English classes be taught in mostly English.  Changes create opportunities for those who take advantage of the moment.  How are you and your school going to react?

I think there are 2 ways a teacher could respond. One is to resist. Resist passively and openly. Try to carry over the same teaching habits from before.  These teachers will try to adapt the system to their approach, rather than adapt their approach to the system.

Can you think of a better way to waste a once in a generation change like this?

The second option is to do the exact opposite: embrace the changes and seek ways to transform the classroom for the better. These teachers look forward and they look inward. They see the potential for internal growth and the chance to create a revolution in the English classroom.

This second group of teachers are the kinds I think we need now in this fragile moment. We need those who will adapt to the change rather than fight it.

Either approach is defensible. But which teacher are you going to be?