A New Role for ALTs

The transformations in English education I spoke about yesterday are game changers. They create the real chance for more communication in the classroom. With this is the chance to create a new role for ALTs. But no one is going to tell you what to do or how to become a different kind of teacher at your work because, the fact is, they probably don’t know.

That means it’s all up to you.

The game is changing for the first time in years. What’s exciting is you get to make the choose the part you play if take initiative. Do you want to stay in the same place with all the same duties you have before? That’s a road with little change and probably a lot of frustration.

Or do you want to create a new path where you have the chance to create meaningful work with more communication and more impact?

There’s a new era coming. What role will you play in shaping it? Will you join me?