Teachers and Artists

In talking about the new economy, the one based on talented thinkers who challenge ideas and ways of doing things and work to create a better world, Seth Godin writes in his new manifesto, Stop Stealing Dreams,

“An artist is someone who brings new thinking and generosity to his work, who does human work that changes another for the better. An artist invents a new kind of insurance policy, diagnoses a disease that someone else might have missed, or envisions a future that’s not here yet.”

You might say that teachers are artists, too. After all, watching a really great teacher at work is like watching a master craftsman at work. If we English teachers are artists, then, shouldn’t we be inventing a new way to teach English – a new system that figures out how to get Japanese students to learn and enjoy speaking English??

Artists were meant to break the rules, and never before has it been so important for English teachers to do just that — and change the whole game and make things happen.