Why “ALT-JTE Connect”?

Making connections is how English classes thrive.

-Because effective English teaching doesn’t truly occur without both JTEs and ALTs.
-Because this website is a place to talk about how to build relationships and maximize the effectiveness of team-teaching
-Because communication classes are changing the team-teaching dynamic and I want to show you how you can change the game too by building great relationships at work and creating communication classes at your school.

Where are the JTEs?

-There are about 10 JTEs that I know who are following this website either through email alerts or regular visits. Even if they aren’t active yet, they are following the developments on this site.

-My JTE wrote a post just last week, giving advice to JTEs about how to start a communication class at their school. I hope he will write more soon because his article was full of great insights for both JTEs and ALTs.

What can you do to help?

-Get involved with the site and help it grow by building good relationships at your work and telling your JTEs and ALTs about this website.

Suggest ideas to make the site easier for JTEs to use.

-Link to this website or suggest a link to your website.