Throw your Teaching materials out the window

Throw out your whole desk if you have to. GIF credit: A Beautiful Mind

Day 3 of a totally clear desk and this act of creative destruction has been awesome. All that stuff I collected over the years, all the lesson plans, all the advice, all the collective wisdom of hundreds of ALTs that came before, though good, had become like an albatross  hanging around my neck — too many materials, too many choices, too much paper.

So I just threw it all away and got it the hell out of my sight.

Perhaps there’s a fear that if one lets go of great materials, that their absence will be felt. But keeping phenomenal materials is a trap as well, you know. Materials can be so great that you start depending on them so much that you’ve lost your original thinking. Teaching becomes mechanical, an act of trying to recreate some spark of genius that led to their creation in the first place.

But, I’d say let it go sometimes. If you made something that rocked before, you can do it again.