Make Connections to Change the System

Are you unhappy with the way English is taught at your school(s) or how little your Japanese students seem to be able to speak and use English?

Well, you can change it. After all, you have wonderful ideas and you are powerful. You have the ability to create revolutionary materials and ideas.

But do you know how to put them into action? How do you get from the drawing board to having your ideas adopted by your school?

Connections. Pure and simple.

Make friends with the teachers in your staff room, your vice principal and principal. Teaching, after all, is built on trust, and bonding with your colleagues will give you ground to launch and share new ideas.

Plus, people who feel connected to you will listen and spread your ideas faster than those who have no relationship with you.

But don’t stop there.

Go to the students as well. Make connections with the people you teach so when it comes time to launching a new idea you have a receptive audience who will give you the benefit of the doubt and try out your new ideas.

I’m sure you have lots of ideas, but maybe you are feeling stuck. I do, too, sometimes. But have you worked on building and repairing any bridges lately?