Passion is the key to Unleashing the English Virus in Students

I’m sure we all have some Japanese friends who speak fairly fluent English. At the very least, we know our JTEs who have dedicated their lives to learning and teaching the subject.

What got them there?

As with any long endeavor, patience was indeed a factor.

What separates them from the rest of the Japanese English learners, though? How did they succeed where their fellow classmates on the 6 year stretch of English ed. from middle school to high school apparently failed?


Pure and simple, it is the one thing they have that the others lack.

And if you’re passionate, who needs patience?

Patience is reliable and it is easy to pass on. All we have to do is administer a lot of tests and threaten people with failure. People tend to suck it up and take it.

But patience doesn’t get us the same thing that passion does.

Patience gets us “competency”. Passion gets us fluency.

So, if we know what students need, how do we start giving it to them? How do we get students passionate about English?