Give Passion to Students so they can Inspire others

When starting any new project, the best returns always come from those who are already committed to the cause.

You don’t have to spend time converting, which is emotionally and physically exhausting.

Instead, you can spend your time inspiring.

Of course it is good and fair to try to inspire all your students. But right now I am working on cultivating passion in those students who are already semi-passionate about English — nurturing, as it were, their potential to be leaders at the school in the pursuit of English.

I am approaching this project haphazardly, at best, but my thinking is that I can do a lot of good by simply extending more opportunities to students in general — the already passionate students, in particular by:

-Offering to write letters and following through

-Becoming super available to students in the hallway

-Presenting my presence as a, “You don’t have to take my help, but those that do are benefiting and having fun” kind of complex.

I’ve learned that taking a focused approach leads to concrete results, and when passionate students become leaders they can do more to spread their passion for English to their friends and peers than 10 ALTs ever could.