This is a Pen (Yeah…I know…)

I bet you won’t remember this. Photo source: charliebarker, Flickr creative commons

Boring is big mistake in a lot of areas.

Boring products, boring movies, boring music, boring people — these things make no impact. We rarely seek them out because they’re mind numbing to engage and impossible to remember.

So what’s the deal with boring sentences in textbooks?

The idea is to remember this stuff, right?

But all I see is sushi this and pen that. Nothing’s special, nothing sticky, nothing remarkable.

I know, I know — “But boring is easy to understand…”

Yeah, easy to understand AND easy to forget.



  1. Whenever I am asked to make a worksheet for class (my main form of creativity in the classroom right now), I try to use names of my real-life friends, and I try to use sentences that aren’t just ho-hum “Billy likes sushi.” I’ll use things like “Billy likes Kyary Pamyu Pamyu” or “Billy likes to eat 100 cakes.”

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