What Gives Students Passion (a running list)

Followers of this website know that I talk a lot about inspiring passion in students. I think students with passion  will start a communication revolution in Japan. Why? Because students with passion figure out things like how to accomplish learning a foreign language for themselves.

I still don’t have a complete answer for how to inspire passion in every student. But I have discovered  some insights over the last couple months that I would like to share. Here is a running list:

Things that Seem to Inspire Passion in Students:

-More interactivity in the class

-Showing students how to connect emotions with words and phrases in class

-Permitting a diversity of accents (i.e. not over-emphasizing “correct” pronunciation)

-Smiling and being nice (and expecting that from students)

-Calling on students by name (a big task, I know. But why not start with just one class and see what happens?)

-Having students work in pairs and specifically asking them to help each other learn, practice and prepare

Seth Godin says, “People with passion look for ways to make things happen” (Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?). Students with passion will figure out how to learn English so let’s help show them the way. What ideas would you add to this list?