Communication activity Ideas

Since the new year we use more communication in our classes than ever before. The trick is using it in small does and using a range of activities for different classes and different grades.

Here are some of the activities we do by grade.

1st graders

5 minute Sura-Sura Plus worksheets -this worksheet allows students to practice key grammar points from the textbook with a catch: the sentences are organized as a dialogue so that students learn communication skills and word usage as they practice.  (This idea evolved in partnership with a new friend, Ana, and my JTE).

Click here for an example.

2nd graders

“Talk More” Communication classes – These are 50 minute classes that are devoted to teaching students communication skills and giving them chances to communicate. The name, “Talk More”, comes from the observation that the students don’t talk enough (partly because they don’t have a chance and partly because they often don’t know how). This communication class attempts to solve both of those problems.

Click here to view a model worksheet that we use in the class.

I am working on writing up a model lesson plan on this subject. In the meantime, you can view this thread if you’d like to get more information on “Talk More” communication classes.

3rd Graders

5 minute Interview worksheets – similar to Sura-Sura Plus, these worksheets allow students to interview each other for about 5 minutes, using target phrases and expressions. We play music in the background and finish the activity with demonstrations from some pairs. Example coming soon…

5 minute Communication worksheets – interview sheets are good for a while, but eventually students need to have more natural, back-and-forth communication. After all, real conversations don’t have the pressure an uni-direction of interviews. We also play background music and finish the activity with demonstrations. Example coming soon…

All Grades

In general we are trying to make English classes more and more communicative at our school. From teaching communication techniques to giving students practice time to having students correct each others’ work and giving advice on reading. Communication is a revolutionary teaching tool. I hope you can start using some of these ideas at your school.