Another Communication Breakthrough

The 3rd grade students at my school are all taking communication tests as part of the upcoming testing cycle. The test will be administered by me, worth 30 points toward their final grade and scored based on three “communicative” indexes: 1) Friendliness 2) Motivation (e.g. desire to communicate) and 3) Content (e.g. asking questions). It is the first of what will be 3 communication tests scheduled this year.

In just under 6 months we have gone from little if no communication in the classroom to making communication a large basis for the student’s final grade.

And perhaps the best part? This communication test was not my idea. Actually,  the two JTEs that teach the 3rd year students came up with it themselves and presented the idea to me.

And now this project has come full circle: I have gone from me being the one pressing the issue of communication — to communication becoming a part of the regular curriculum (including tests).

How did it happen? Or, more precisely, how can you make it happen at your school?

-Believe in yourself


-Share ideas

-Champion your ideas


-Build your reputation

-Be patient

-Refine your ideas

-Connect with JTEs

-Connect with students

-Connect with other ALTs


-Start small

-Don’t give up

This victory for communication at my school may seem like an impossible breakthrough, but I want so assure you that you are capable of doing the same thing. I don’t have the same old ALT job anymore — and you don’t have to either…

Improve your relationships, follow your instincts, champion an idea, redefine your job and create a communication revolution.