Bonus Idea: More Interesting Free-Write Spaces

Of course there is nothing wrong with a blank free-write wall, but what happens when we add something extra to transform the conversation? Most students are technology fiends these days, so I thought I’d add an i-phone message into the mix.

This text-messaging scenario adds a level of realism to responding in English.

This text-messaging scenario adds a level of realism to responding in English, which is absent when we just ask for responses to an ordinary prompt. Technology is engaging even when it is printed on a piece of paper it seems. Note: The gray speech bubble above says “Elliott just sent you this message. Let’s answer him!” The blue arrow says, “Write freely!”

As soon as I changed out the blank free-write space with this A4 sized i-phone graphic, suddenly students were bunching around my English wall and writing their answers. Perhaps it was the picture of the question or the picture of the i-phone, but something clicked with the students when they saw this question presented in this format. I think using this kind of format for an in-class free writing activity might work well, too.

Free Materials

Please download the blank templates below to use this material on your English wall or as an in-class activity. The WORD version is editable, while the PDF is ready for print. Click on the links below to download:

Editable version (WORD, .docx)

Blank, print-ready version (PDF)