Teach Students Survival Phrases With Zombies

sampleze3 These Survival English cards feature 3 original zombies and 5 survival phrases for your students to use in and out of the English classroom. sampleze2 They give students the power to find out new information by asking for the spellings and meanings of words through English. They also help students take their misunderstandings head-on by asking people to repeat what they said — or speak slower.sampleze1 Our zombies, “Frankie,” “Lazlo” and “Harold,” make these important phrases memorable and, oddly enough, bring their usage to life. Students can have a choice of which zombie card they get, or they can collect all three.

Download the free PDF

For ease of printing, the PDF is written in black and white. There are 9 cards per sheet, which means that you could print out 4 pages and have enough for an entire class of students. Hand them out at school or to your Japanese friends. These are 5 phrases that every English speaker must know.

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