Clever Way to Practice Using “Can you~?”

It’s easy. Simply adapt the game of “go fish” and replace the question, “Do you have~?” with “Can you~?” Students will reply with a “Yes” or a “Yes, I can” if they have the card in question and vice versa. Same rules of “Go Fish” apply, unless you want to make up your own set of rules!

example of one of the cards in the “can you~?” go fish game card deck

“Go Fish” has been a huge part of my curriculum this year especially because I have been able to play it in small groups of students were I can direct the game for students and encourage the use of “table talk” English as the game progresses. Never has it been easier to teach students important phrases like, “oh man!” or “Too bad!” or “That’s lucky!” There are a lot of other benefits that I will leave to you to discover. Now’s a great chance for you to start because first grade JHS students have either just learned or are about to learn about this important grammar point.

the deck has 52 cards, 13 4-set pairs and uses 4 verbs: cook, play, eat and sing

I’m trying out the new set of cards using “Can” now because of this success. You can download a pdf of the cards template I made and start using them at your school. You’ll need to make 6 sets for a whole class (30 students in groups of 5-6) or you can just make one deck to play with kids during lunch break. Gluing the cards to a piece of construction paper is a good idea.

Get the free “Can you~?” Go Fish cards now (PDF version)

This pdf is 6 pages and one printing will give you the complete set of cards. You can also download the Hoyle card backs below to make your cards seem more realistic.

Hoyle Card Backs (PDF version)

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