3 Opportunities to start a Communication Revolution at your School

1) Introduce 3-5 minutes of communication in every class. As much as you can, try to have back and forth questions with students (with follow-up questions) when you do the morning greeting, when you introduce new material or when you review. It’s as simple as asking a yes/no follow-up question or asking a few individual students for their answers in every class. Remember: a question without a follow-up question or reaction isn’t really communication. It is a dead end that teaches bad conversation habits.

2) Start communication classes when students finish their textbook for the year (psst: that’s right now). The textbook is finished and there is a shortage of material. What better time to introduce your communication program?

3) Suggest that you have a communication class on the fourth class of every week. There are currently 4 classes a week for 2nd and 3rd grade students (4 starting later this year for 1st year). Ask your JTEs if they would like to try to reinforce the material they are covering in the first 3 days with a communication class on the fourth. This is probably the hardest sell for your JTEs, but it is the goal of your communication revolution. Start with steps 1 and 2, build trust, a reputation and a successful class and the idea will spread. If your experience is like mine, then the idea will spread like wildfire. Communication is powerful.

Any other ideas?