Help Improve Your Students’ Grammar (Free Download)

tip stubs

What better way to help your students improve their English than to give them a friendly reminder?  These raffle-ticket-sized stubs come in 3 colors and give students a quick reference for how to answer “Do you~”, “Are you~” and “Can you~” type of questions.

The intricate font and light colors were specially chosen to make these stubs collectible and amiable — because the only thing worse than making a mistake is being harshly corrected for it.

Hand them out in your classes when covering these grammar points. Or use them in the hallway when you encounter a student who is struggling with their do’s am’s and can’s.

Download Now in PDF or Word!

PDF download

WORD download

Got an idea for how to use these “Tip For You” stubs? Post your comment now!

Ken Can Kick Cats

Make it memorable. This is a truism I’ve learned to live and teach by recently. Do it with pictures. Do it with words. Do it with gestures and music. Find ways to make the words and sentences you are using memorable.

One way I like to do this is with wacky sentences.

“Can Ken Kick Cats?”

“Yeah, he can kick cats!”

“Spokemon spoke!” (pun with ‘Pokemon’)

“Remember November!”

Do you have some catchy phrases you like to use? Please share them in the comments below. How do you make your classes and points memorable?