Technology and Media In the Classroom

Use this page to get ideas and software advice for bringing technology and media into your classroom.


Share your Music Quickly and Easily

Connect your i-Pod to the classroom TV for quick access to songs

Use your ipod and connect it to a TV to play music in the background during writing activities or share lesson specific music and sounds.

Make use of the Computer Lab

Use the computer lab IM service to stage an English debate

You can make use of the school’s computer lab to stage an English debate via the network’s instant messaging service. What better way to intersect technology with classical form to get students energized about debating?

Make an English Passport

An example of an English passport with reward stamps. Click the image to read more and download your free copy from ALT-JTE Connect for free.

Use your computer to create an English Passport, which allows students to collect stickers or stamps for completing various English activities such as writing and speaking. Click here to download your free copy of these materials from ALT♦JTE CONNECT. Included is a full description of how to use English passport at your school.


Gimp 2.6

Screenshot of Gimp 2.6 photo editing studio

An open-source (i.e. free) photo editing software comparable to photoshop without the $1,000 price tag. Use it to create graphics, touch up photos and learn some industry standard photo editing skills. To get a free download, simply google Gimp 2.6 and choose a site to download from, such as cnet.

Microsoft OneNote

Screenshot of Microsoft OneNote 2010. Click the image to go to for a full program tour.

This program has revolutionized my lesson planning and teaching since I started using it about 3 years ago. It is a digital notebook that allows you to consolidate all your scribbles, ideas,  plans, images, videos, and so on in one place. Download it separately or as part of a Microsoft Office bundle. This software isn’t free, but it’s worth the price.

BRS Screen Recorder

Screenshot of BRS Screen Recorder in action.

Record activity on your computer screen to create tutorials for students and other teachers. BRS screen recorder allows you to show what you mean rather than always writing out your explanations. Instead of always sending emails, you can send video files of your explanations. Use this program. to share materials and make planning, instruction, and collaboration more dynamic in and out of the classroom. A free version can be downloaded from cnet. Just google BRS Screen Recorder.




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